It has to be said that this work is tedious and long, but for an old ghost who has lived for million "I don't need to talk about it. If you want to have another one, the only condition is to be my "Return to the void, all ants, bullshit!" Within an hour, Ye Xing met two crystal fire beasts equivalent to four-star martial saints. They wer Xu Xue looked at Lu Jing hesitantly, and suddenly his face changed. People did not ask how high Lin Dong's level is. In his opinion, it is estimated to be very comm "After losing so many saints, we have not achieved the desired result in the end, so we can only fin There are not many people's swords reaching the perfect state!!! Please send some click, collection, recommendation tickets as a gift, thank you He began to return to the stronghold of the demon sect that day. Along the way, Luoli suddenly found "The appearance of Moji Valley at this time must be developing again. It seems that the descendants In fact, they are the creatures that Phoenix calls mysterious species. People in the room were awed by Liang Tiantian's momentum, and no one even spoke loudly. "Thank you for not killing me. Thank you for not killing me." Jiang Feng is so clever that he only hears the words of Shi Bing, and instantly he understands the m Losing in the hands of a boy who was lower than himself, Borg was really stimulated. "I don't know, because there are too few people who have drunk, no, met." Apart from the fact that the three of them are in very good shape now.

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