She looked up and saw that the stars were more and more clear in the whirlpool. The huge power of th "With your will, you also want to block the emperor?" However, if you kill Wu Jinjiao, he himself will die. "How many carriers are you going to send out?" The prince of Xiangong, yuanzun and Qingxuan were so shocked that they could not go after Jiangnan, However, he helped Yuan Shao defeat Gongsun Zan, but after Gongsun Zan was destroyed, he was killed To this end, the family high-level, Zhao Feng's family issued a variety of awards, improve all k "That's the official's dog moving..." Sima Tan lowered his head and replied, "the dog has al Mina is also silly, she did not expect that Yang Kaizhen can refine the spirit level pill, although I didn't get out of the car to interrupt him. Two starlight, from the heart of Ye Xingmei, burst into the sky, one into a dark vortex, the other i The pole did not leave. Some of the broken mouth chatted with Gao Feng and wanted to return the armo The fight between the two has exceeded their personal interests. Otherwise, can't Zhang Tao be c The ten youyou commanders had paid attention to Luochuan. At this time, when they saw Luo Chuan, the For a moment, the years here seemed to be forbidden, and the space and time of heaven and earth were The sword light flashed, and a saint's body was pierced and the holy blood was sprinkled. At the PS: the 24-hour subscription for the latest chapter is only 300... What's the score? Buck called back. "Give me a small bag, please."

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